A Better Idea for Your New Year's Resolutions

Have some fun in the new year.

It's a new year and that means it's time to rack up a list of goals to make our lives richer, a little kinder, maybe a bit healthier, and a whole lot better. There's no reason, though, that one or two of them can't be about making it more interesting -- and much more fun!

If you're looking around at suggestions of popular ideas to add to your list of resolutions, alongside the various diets to try and podcasts to subscribe to, you've probably seen the whimsical idea of setting a map up on the wall and throwing darts at random. Not only do you get to vent any frustrations after taking down your holiday decorations, chance will lead you to choose travel destinations you may never have thought to visit. Nifty!

Globetrotting is expensive, though, so we've come up with an even better idea...

Image Source: CraftBeerJournal.com

Instead of a map of the world, print this out and use it to explore the world through the vast variety of beers it has to offer -- no plane ticket required!

Happy New Year
from all of us at Sugar Hill Brewing Co.

Nathan Yates