Sugar Hill on Wheels

Food truck = Sugar Hill on Wheels! 
That's mobile awesomeness that YOU can participate in!

We need our enthusiastic customers, admirers, skeptics, nay sayers (you know who you are) and anyone else reading this to consider making a loan to us for as little as $25 on Kiva for our food truck. Here's the link:

This will take us from our very temporary (and fast approaching) 90 day loan to a permanent loan. That'll give us time to get on the highway and start making money.

When you see the big yellow trailer heading down the highway, you'll know you helped a little company in SWVA take it to the next level. And you'll know you helped us hire 4 more people to add to the 20 that we already employ.

Thanks to all our fantastic supporters who have already helped! We won't let you down!