November Spotlight: Brent Dingus, Head Brewer

Great brews come from great people.

We each love to sit down and enjoy a glass of our favorite hop-filled beverage, but it wouldn't be possible without the talented brewers behind it all. Here at Sugar Hill Brewing Co., we have some extraordinary people whose passion keeps us coming back for more.

Our very own Head Brewer, Brent Dingus, is certainly a stand-out!

Sitting Down with Brent Dingus.

How long have you been in the brewing business?

I started a small testing lab in 2015, doing quality testing and consulting for local/regional breweries. Things like yeast management, on-site water testing, and sensory analysis. I accepted the position of head brewer at Sugar Hill Brewing Co. in April 2017.

Why did you decide to pursue a career as a brewer?

I have been a craft beer enthusiast since the mid-90's. Back then, the only options to find unique and regional beers was to travel to places like Boone, NC, and Blacksburg, VA. I became interested in the history and definition of classic styles. In 2009, I stumbled across a homebrew shop, and picked up my first instructional brewing book. I have been hooked since that day. :-)

What makes a truly unique and enjoyable craft beer?

To me, the definition of craft beer is using the highest quality product and proven techniques to make the best beer possible. Balance is key, even for styles that focus on a single ingredient or flavor-set. The unique side is still heavily driven by the homebrewers. They typically are experimenting with the newest ingredients and techniques. This trend is definitely starting to bleed over to the pro-side.

Where do you look for inspiration? Does it all start with a particular ingredient? A season?

When planning a recipe, I like to understand the history of the style, ingredients, and techniques. Flavor can often be driven as much by process as ingredient. For me, understanding what each element contributes helps map the final flavor in the glass.

What is your all-time favorite brew to sit back and enjoy?

That's a tough one. I really enjoy well-made lagers, wild ales, and bocks. This will likely change by the time this is published...

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